Frequently Asked Questions

Spear-O-Wigwam is a true mountain getaway. WiFi is not available to guests onsite. The nearest spot with cell service is a 45 minute drive away, so plan ahead.

Not yet. We have plans in the future to add a convenience store. It is best to be prepared before your trip as Sheridan has the closest grocery stores. As always, we will do our best to accommodate any items you may have forgotten.

We only have 4 cabins that you can park right by your cabin; Antler, Little Big Horn, Niner, and The Bunkhouse. All cabins on the East side of the lodge cannot be driven to directly due to fragile septic pipes. We do have smaller ATVs to carry luggage.

Yes. We serve breakfast, sack lunch, and dinner. Meals can be purchased by the day or individually. Meal plans include lunch and dinner.

We only have small coffee pots and fridges in the Niner and Little Big Horn cabins. All other cabins are welcome to get coffee in our main lodge, starting around 6:15am. 

We recommend that you bring your own coolers as we do have an ice maker.

We do not have a liquor license at Spear-O. You are welcome to Bring Your Own.

Spear-O power runs off a generator. The generator is turned on at 6:00am and turned off at 11:00pm. Accommodations may be made for medical necessities. Camper hookups are not available.

Getting to Spear-O-Wigwam is an adventure in itself. Be advised, we are a remote lodge, and the FS roads to Spear-O will be gravel.

Visit our Directions page to discover Spear-O.

Check the current weather.   Mountain weather is unpredictable. From June through September, day-time temperatures range from 45-75 degrees with night-time lows in the high 30s and low 40s. At our elevation over 8000 feet, snow can happen any time of year, but is rare in the summer months. Afternoon thunderstorms are common.

Depending on your preferences, Spear-O-Wigwam and the Bighorn Mountains offer a variety of outdoor adventures. Activities

View cabin options and sizes on our Cabins page. Within reason, you can have as many people in your cabin as you are comfortable with.

It is not certain that you will see wildlife. Moose and deer are the most common critters that hang out around Spear-O. The Bighorns are home to black bear, elk, mountain lion, red tail fox, coyotes, bobcats, and hundreds of bird species and smaller mammals.

No. Red Grade Road is challenging, especially to people who do not have experience with mountain driving. It is a county-maintained, gravel road.  The drive is easier with a vehicle designed for driving off of a paved roadway. If Red Grade seems too daunting, consider getting to Spear-O on the longer, smoother route through Ranchester, Dayton, and Burgess Junction. Directions

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